Mock Trial at the University of Iowa



St. Louis

Jake Huebener,
Abby Ayers,
Mikayla Rodgers,
Sam Kaplan,
Cait Spackman.
Our five award winners and their awards.
All-Regional Witness: Jake and Mikayla.
All-Regional Attorney: Abby, Sam, Cait.
Cait Spackman and Nick Sinclair
Rachel Bruflodt and Storm Miller looking to future success
Above: Rachel Zingg, Abby Hudock
Left: Chase Van Langen, Taren Vacanti, Neil Logan
Team 1238 before round 3: Jake Huebener, Sophie Ortiz, Colin Gorton, Cait Spackman (also Nick Sinclair, Sam Kaplan, Mikayla Rodgers)
Keilye Johnson, Mikayla Rodgers
Senior A Team Captains: Jake Huebener, Sam Kaplan
Cait Spackman, Sophie Ortiz
A Team Defense Bench and 3 All-Regionals: Sam Kaplan, Jake Huebener, Cait Spackman

Arch Invitational

Taren Vacanti, Elizabeth Rome, Albert Keith, Isabelle Breitfelder, Brandi Amantea, Storm Miller
Team 1239: Front: Captain Cait Spackman, Brandi Amantea, Tian Liu, Maggie Martinson, Captain Abby Ayers
Back: Nick Sinclair, Abby Hudock, Chase Van Langen
Othello Herbert, Amber Crow
Amber Crow, Brandi Amantea, Maggie Martinson
Keilye Johnson, Mikayla Rodgers
Keilye Johnson, Samantha Kaplan, Rachel Zingg, Amber Crow, Colin Gorton, Othello Herbert
Elizabeth Rome, Brandi Amantea, Amber Crow, Isabelle Breitfelder
Nick Sinclair
Team 1238 Captains: Samantha Kaplan, Mikayla Rodgers
Maggie Martinson, Amber Crow, Brandi Amantea
Team 1239 Captains: Cait Spackman, Abby Ayers
Samantha Kaplan, Abby Ayers, Jake Huebener, Rachel Zingg, Shane McChurch
Cait Spackman, Amber Amantea, Sophie Ortiz, Rachel Zingg

St. Paul Trials

Back row: Nick Sinclair, Chase Van Langen, Storm Miller
Front row: Mikayla Huston, Brandi Amantea, Cait Spackman, Tian Liu, Maggie Martinson, Abby Hudock
Abby Hudock, Nick Sinclair, Tian Liu, Mikayla Huston, Maggie Martinson, Brandi Amantea
Nick Sinclair, Chase Van Langen, Cait Spackman, Brandi Amantea, Maggie Martinson, Abby Hudock

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